Upcoming Artist Alert: Meet Polo Baybee

Polo Baybee is a 19 year old upcoming artist from Jackson, Mississippi. He started his music career when he was at least 11 or 12, but he wasn’t good to be honest. He always wanted to be a famous artist one day. So he kept working on rapping and got better at age 15. He recorded his first three songs when he was 16 in his cousin’s storage room. He had many doubts until he saw how viral the songs went. The reason he continued to do music was because he was told he couldn’t. Growing up people used to make fun of the way he spoke because he talked with his tongue. So when he rapped, he would hear things like “You’re garbage”, “I can’t understand what you’re saying” ,”Nobody wanna hear that bs” etc.  He took all that as motivation to prove all of them wrong.

He has accomplished alot since he took his music career seriously; such as, getting into a professional studio, performances, and making videos. His failures was missing out on some big opportunities due to not having money or mostly fake friends. See, having fake friends plays a big role in music careers. He had a friend he considered to be his sister almost ruined a big opportunity for him. Luckily, he saved it by giving the best performance he has ever done. As far as money troubles, it takes money to make money and alot of people don’t seem to understand that. People love to put their input in what a person should do, yet nobody is funding anything for these ideas. So in the end, it all falls on that artist to pay for almost everything.

Now performances, it’s no secret to him. He loves to perform, although, he is nervous, but he enjoys performing. His first performance was when he was 16 at Black Diamonds Strip Club. He has also performed in Atlanta as well. His two favorite performances would have to be one that he did with his sister Santana at a Sweet 16 and the one he did at his old high school, Callaway. Here are two links one to his official video to he and his sister’s single “F*ck Em” and a link to his new Single “Left Cheek, Right Cheek”. He has a lot of new projects coming up in the new year and hold on to your seatbelt because it’s about to get lit.

Below is where you can find more information about Polo Baybee.

New Video: Polo Baybee x Santana “F*ck Em”

New Single: Polo Baybee “Left Cheek, Right Cheek”

Instagram: @officialpolobaybee
YouTube: Polo Baybee Tv
Soundcloud: Polo Baybee

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