Fashion Challenge: How to Rock the Colour of 2017

And the flattering title “Colour of the year” goes to… Greenery! Pantone announced their favourite colour for the year to come and brought confusion among designers, bloggers, and fashionistas all over the world. Although it might not seem like the most wearable and versatile colour at first, Greenery is actually a good thing for fashion – it will make all of us step out of our comfort zones and force us to be more creative. Unlike last year’s winners, Rose Quartz and Serenity, Greenery comes as a sort of challenge and that’s what fashion is all about. Here’s how to rock this colour in the upcoming year.



Just like last year’s favourite, Rose Quartz, Greenery is the colour of a precious gemstone – specifically, peridot – a gem-quality olivine.  This greenish stone was broadly used for making jewellery in ancient Egypt. Not to be confused with emerald, peridot was known as the “gem of the sun”. Therefore, there’s no reason not to incorporate it in your accessories arsenal as well. It will look gorgeous on the necklace, bracelet, or earrings – the choice is all yours. Besides, jewellery is usually the least painful way to bring a new colour to your palette. After all, peridot is a gemstone, meaning that purchasing a piece of jewellery with it might be a good investment, too.



As it is with any edgy colour, mixing it with the matching shades is the best way to make the most of it. Being in the centre of the spectrum, green is the colour of balance and, of course, nature, so it matches perfectly with other natural tones, such as blue, brown, and yellow. Also, pink and green is a good complementary colour combination for any style, so if you’re into a popular tomboy fashion and want to wear something green, let the accessories be pink, and vice versa. In addition, monochromatic look is always a good head turner, especially when you pull it off with a brighter colour, such as Greenery. Finally, experts from Pantone stated that Greenery revokes the first days of spring thus symbolising new beginnings – something we all need in 2017.



If you think green tones will not work with your wardrobe, try implementing in your makeup routine. For instance, green eye shadow can look quite stunning, especially when you add a touch of shimmer to it and blend it off nicely to make it look natural. It can be used for creating various dramatic looks, from cut crease to smokey eyes, each of them suitable for a glamorous night event, such as New Year’s Eve, prom night, and many more. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, green lipstick is always a nice idea – if Rihanna can pull it off, so can you!



It’s understandable you’re sceptical about incorporating Greenery in your everyday looks, but you can always take it easy and start from the accessories. Your favourite pair of Wayfarers, for example – try switching to a green frame. Also, nail polish – Greenery might not be the most office-friendly shade but you can make it work in your free time. Once you got that covered, go bigger and wear a green bag. Prints can be a way to start wearing green as well – start with a dress with tropical palm print, et voilà – Greenery will slowly find a way to your wardrobe.

One way or another, Greenery will find a way to your heart and wardrobe. Perhaps it’s not that likeable as Rose Quartz or Marsala, but it surely is a good way show off your creative skills. After all, this will remind you that fashion is a playground – all you have to do is to play and have some fun.

-Claire Hastings


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