Chris Brown or Soulja Boy ?

Now, as we have brought in the new year to turn over a new leaf and START a new year to redeem ourselves from 2016… It seems to me that these two artists might have gone another route.

– via Instagram

Yesterday, what started out as just some heart eyes under Chris Brown’s ex Karruche’s Instagram photo turned into a boxing event for Chris Brown and Soulja Boy.

– via Instagram

Eventually, Karruche saw what was taking place and had a few words for Chris Brown and Soulja Boy, but mostly towards Chris Brown.

Even after those choice of words, nothing can compare to how Chris Brown responded…

Ouch! That hurt! Chris Brown is obviously not playing with anybody this year and it seems that Soulja Boy will be his first victim.

Throughout the day, Soulja Boy and Chris Brown went back and forth with videos on Instagram, but one in particular caught the whole social media’s eyes. Soulja Boy seemed to have gotten into an altercation that had his phone taken in the process.

Whew! This is too much in one day and I think a lot of people have had a lot of laughs or just plain out thought it was ignorance. Even a few celebrities and others on social media took parts in making memes and funny videos about Chris Brown and Soulja Boy. I just have to say a word of advice for Soulja Boy, “Please don’t come for Chris Brown, if you’re not ready for the clapbacks!”

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