A Closet That Fits Your Needs 

Step #1: Clear The Clutter From Your Closet (old clothes). 

Be critical getting rid of your old clothes. Identify key components, sort and assess.The primary goal is to organize the closet and remove items that you’re no longer wearing.

I advise my clients to donate anything they haven’t worn in more than two years. At that point, it’s time to giveaway and create space to buy new clothes.

When you’re out shopping for new clothing, ask yourself this question, “Is it a want or need?” Then, you can determine whether to make that purchase or not. Plus, it will help you save money.

Step #2: Be Creative 

Maximizing storage space mostly require coming up with creative solutions. You may want to hire a professional to help organize your closet. Rather than using traditional containers to hold accessories, think outside the box.

By thinking outside the box, it will allow you to discover your creative skills assets. For example, try hanging jewelry on picture frames and using towels rods to hang clothes and accessories. Adding install shelving as high up as you can…

Step #3: Sort and Organize 

Sweaters can be folded or hung up. It’s better to fold the heavy sweaters because they will not lose their defined shape.


It will be wise to hang your garments on hangers if you can. In this process, you’re prolonging the wear of it, if you see it.

It’s not a right or wrong way to organize your denim jeans in your closet. Stylist L.Roy prefers to go by the color of the jeans when organizing denim in a closet. However, denim jeans can be organized by brand, style, cut, and size.

A few days ago, I had an opportunity to revamp a closet. My client had tons of brand named denim jeans and colors. Since Spring is right around the corner, Stylist L.Roy organized her jeans based on the color.

Be You  

Overall, your closet has to reflect your personality.

-Stylist L. Roy

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