Condoms – All You Need to Know! [Infographic]

Condoms – it’s not exactly a glamorous topic of conversation, however, it still is a very important one for people to consider. Condoms are obviously necessary in the prevention of an unwanted pregnancy, but they also provide a way for people to have safe sex.

It’s a known fact that STDs are on the rise once again and while that might be in some way due to people getting tested more regularly, there’s no denying the importance of a condom in prevention of these diseases.

Today, it’s seen as being responsible to carry a condom and with the advent of more casual dating and the proliferation of dating apps and websites, it’s never been more important. People have never had more lovers and if you’ve only just met someone, it’s unlikely you’re going to foray into the sexual history conversation early on in the relationship. That’s where a condom comes in: using it will allow you to still have your fun, but also prevent you catching a nasty STD or anything more serious like HIV or AIDS.

In the third world, condoms are widely distributed in order to reduce the soaring HIV and AIDS numbers. It’s a vital tool in those parts of the world and it’s important that people in the western world educate themselves too on the absolute importance of using and carrying a condom (male and females included). With the advancement of materials technology, condoms are made to feel almost not there at all so there is no excuse! Some can even heighten sensory pleasure!

This infographic from the guys over at Carvaka explains everything that you need to know about condoms; it includes details about its history, why a condom might fail, the different types of condoms available and much more…check it out below!

– Written by Carvaka

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