Stylist L.Roy’s Top 5 Wardrobe Holiday Picks

1. Denim

Jeans aren’t just for tee-shirts anymore. You can wear them with anything and nearly any occasion, if done correctly…eat, sleep, denim is about the #woman who likes to dress up and wear her favorite jeans just about any day of the week. Fave day to wear denim is on Friday. However, that’s the only day I’m allowed to wear denim jeans to work. I love to wear skinny legs jeans. I like the way the jeans feel and you can wear any type of shoe. I love Rock Rival and Tru Religions brand of jeans. I like the way they look and feel, plus they are stylish. Those particular brands of jeans are expensive. If you’re a jean lover treat yourself to a pair. The Buckle store in North Park Mall carry Rock Rival jeans, plus they have a layaway plan. 

2. Sweaters/Vests

You can’t go through #fall without sweaters and vests. Especially on a cold night, which is the perfect night for a sweater… or even a bonfire party. Even you could pair a faux fur vest with your sweater to be versatile and stylish at the same time.

3. Sweatshirt

Stylist L. Roy loves a sweatshirt! I love to dress casual and comfy on most days. Ladies you can throw on a sweatshirt and leggings and a pair of Ugg boots and hit the door. A sweatshirt is perfect for shopping, kickback parties and just lounging around the house.

4. Shoes

Stylist L.Roy’s fave essentials consist of shoes and bags. This month is so special to me. One reason is my birthday (12-13). The other reason is the birth of Jesus. Each year for my birthday, my granny gets me a pair of boots. That’s her traditional gift to me and it’s very special. However, I didn’t get a pair boots for my birthday this year. Instead, I got a pair of chunky heels. 👠💋

5. Scarves

A scarf can be worn numerous ways, but styled differently. I’m always researching and finding new ways to tie my scarves. I have tons of scarves in my closet. I even gave a new scarf to a neighbor just because she liked it so much. When it comes to clothes, shoes and bags, it’s just materialist items. 

Let me know your thoughts! I’ve been away for a while due to focusing more on my school assignments. I just wanted to share some of my favorite items! 

– Stylist L. Roy

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