Standing Rock Water Protectors Under Attack

While you were sleeping, Standing Rock water protectors were attacked with tear gas, water hoses and rubber bullets. Over 400 Dakota Access Pipeline Water Protectors were trapped on the HWY 1806 bridge while trying to remove two burned out vehicles that had been illegally blocking traffic since October 2016.

As temperatures dropped below freezing, Morton County utilization of water cannons for the first time has drawn criticism.  Because this act was caught on Facebook Live, millions of people were able to see how inhumane and life threatening it truly was.

Main stream media have failed the water protectors. They have been silent over the past months by refusing to give water protectors a voice. Instead, they chose to report lies about water protectors rioting and starting fires. It was NOT the water protectors that started the fires. Facebook live footage proved that was militarized police that started the fires. The water protectors were UNARMED, yet still attacked! Video footage provided by Kevin Garnett on Facebook Live proves that the police and national guard set the fires. Water Protectors can be seen trying to put the fires in the footage below.

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Injured Water Protectors were treated by tribal medics. According to the Indigenous Rising Media, there were no fatalities. 167 Water Protectors, which include 3 elders, were injured and 7 people were hospitalized with severe head injuries.

Although there is little media coverage, there’s still an outcry. Many people took to Twitter to voice their concerns about the treatment of Water Protectors.

For more information on how you can help, click HERE.

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