Laced Beauty of the Week: JASMINE HAILEY

Name: Jasmine Hailey
Instagram: @Jaypatrice_
Location: Augusta, Ga
Occupation: U.S Army

Photo Credit: Jarell Stevens

One thing I love about myself is…

One thing I love about myself is my ambitious. I have a dream and I’m working toward to dream and nothing else.

Three things I can’t live without…

My family, music and God

Photo Credit: Jasmine Lawton

The song that best describes my life right now is…

Love on the Brain by Rihanna

My sexiest feature is…

My eyes.

Photo Credit: Meekail Shaheed

Why should you be the next Laced Beauty of the Week?

I believe I should be the next Laced Beauty because I’m beautiful, full of ambition and I’m very passionate about my dream. I’ve had this dream for so long and now I’m actually working towards it. I’ve accomplished so much within this first year. That just goes to show how serious I am when it comes to my dream.

Photo Credit: Shervan Tavernier

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