Surviving The Dreadful Waiting Period

In the dreadful waiting period, it seems there is no end. Whether waiting and believing for a job or a physical healing, you want this process to end. A process is exactly what you are experiencing. You seek the end, but it is the character you build during the process, that is the most important. Our emotional cry for help is destined to fall on —–ears. Or worse, you continue to push through the fear only to be rejected. You pass the phone interview and now preparation takes place for the face-to-face interview. Countless interviews take place but you seem to become numb to the “you were great but we need a more experienced candidate” or “you are overqualified for the position” jargon. Instead of becoming bitter, you start to find the interview process amusing. You are searching for the next headline story to add to your “this cannot be my life chronicles.” Believe me, I could write a series merely on this simple topic.

If I can be quite honest- it sucks!!! ”You are destined for greatness” t-shirt mocks you and the “Smile – you are special” coffee mug has not seen the light of day. These are representations of past life triumphs and presently you are experiencing hell on earth. If you could, you would wish this process away and get to the desired goal. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way.  We must not only endure the process but learn important lessons such as what can you take away, what is being molded in you, and how can your story benefit others. There are golden nuggets lying deep within the process and it is our job to find and nurture them. What are the golden nuggets and how can I find them? I’m glad you asked.


Golden Nuggets to Waiting on God

  1. Stay focused
  2. Keep an expectant heart
  3. Stay active in what you are seeking
  4. Learn all you can
  5. Seek His direction
  6. Pray without ceasing



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