Upcoming Artists Alert: Meet Benjamin Flexington and Lil YnT 

Benjamin Flexington & Lil YnT. The video “On Smash” is one of their latest visual offering. They are 2 rappers from Brevard County, Florida. Benji is 17 and YnT is 18. Their debut mixtape “Black Heart” was an exclusive release on Datpiff.com and top tape for the week. The mixtape features production from 808Mafia, features with Kevin Gates, Burga, Tooly Fooly, and Cube.


Benjamin Flexington (James) and Lil YnT (Dedrick) have amassed a big and real regional following in only 10 months and also in Houston where we frequent! Ever since they dropped “Barely” their first video put on YouTube and Worldstar we have been working non stop. They have an array of visuals to almost every song from their mixtape Black Heart. Every kid in the city knows the words to their song and sings them at every show!


We have managed to actually have them make a living off of features and shows right now… charging $200 a piece for features and $500 for a show.

Top blogs like Hip Hop Since 1987, SAYCHEESETV and more have featured their song “No Shooter” featuring Kevin Gates. Their most notable video “Barely” is currently on Worldstar.com.

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