The Not-So Secret, Beauty Secret

People are always asking me, “Why is your skin so soft?”, “How can I get my skin to glow like yours?”. I’ve never seen myself as the one to give advice, but I get constant compliments. I figured, why not share what I know. Being a girl of color, taking care of our skin is very important.

Photo Credit: Yusuf Johnson Photography, Model: Alexis Maria

Moisturizing is an essential part of our routine. Shea butter and coconut oil are my best friends! I’m sure everyone is aware of one of the best-kept beauty secrets, but those two together are the Batman and Robin of skin care. You can use whatever brand you would like, but I see raw, organic Shea butter and coconut oil work best for me. After I shower I like to mix the two together in the palm of my hand, to give it a creamy texture, then apply to my body. I love the bronze glow the coconut oil gives me. With being a model, I always have to keep my skin on point. So, using only just Shea butter and coconut oil will not suffice. Exfoliating is also a key part of our skin care. My go-to exfoliating method is using exfoliating gloves. Yes! Exfoliating gloves! Many people look at me kind of crazy when I tell them this. “You wash your body with gloves?”. It’s actually not uncommon. You can get them anywhere. Exfoliating helps get all of the dead skin cells (which is basically all of the oil and dirt we pick up), helping with softer skin. I’ve also made my own exfoliant with coconut oil, sugar, and citrus. The coconut oil act as a moisturizer of course. The sugar exfoliates and the citrus acts a natural energy booster. It’s my favorite thing to use in the mornings.

I suggest that if any store-bought products do not work for you, look up your own solutions online. You’ll be surprised by how many ingredients you can use in your own home! I hope I helped anyone looking for some answers. Remember, that getting the right results also take time and patience. Stay beautiful!

Photo Credit: Yusuf Johnson Photography, Model: Alexis Maria


– Alexis Maria


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