The True Essence of Black Love: President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama

In the latest edition of Essence, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama can be seen exemplifying the true essence of Black love. Though they have often displayed their love and affection with the world, something about this one particular photo made me stop and stare in awe.

Image result for omari hardwick hot
Photo Captured for ESSENCE by Kwaku Alston

The lean was the first thing that stood out. Although President Obama looked vulnerable because his head was the only one leaning in, this gesture showed courage. His body language was saying, “I love you.” and “I trust you with my life and heart.

Their eye contact was the second thing that stood out to me. In addition to saying, “I love you.” and “I got you.” … It also revealed that they have a very deep connection.

The last thing that stood out to me was the way President Obama held First Lady Michelle Obama’s hands. Although they were both holding each other’s hands, President Obama’s was on the outside. This not only showed that he was her friend, lover and husband, but it also conveyed that he was her covering… her protector.

Photographer Kwaku Alston definitely captured a photo for ESSENCE that will forever be remembered.



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