Happy Birthday Beyoncé 

Today is the birth of one of the most amazing entertainer of our time. You can’t deny and say that Beyoncé is not one of the most talented performers of this generation. I adore this woman so much that if you say anything negative about her, I will most definitely hit you with straight facts. A lot of people think that she is overrated and doesn’t care about anyone but herself. I find it funny that some people see something that I don’t. She has a big heart and has done a lot of wonderful things for people across the world. That’s why she is such a humble person in my book. 


I’ve had my share of experiences with seeing Beyoncé live at her tours and even though her tickets are extremely high, it is so worth it. Actually seeing her on that stage… you get that feeling of you being up there with her. She makes you feel apart of the show and nothing is more breathtaking than actually seeing her up close. I remember going to her Mrs. Carter World Tour in New Orleans, Louisiana for the Essence Festival on my birthday. I cried like a baby who wanted their bottle! It was such an amazing moment. All I could do was cry and enjoy myself.

Over the years, I have watched Beyoncé grow into a beautiful woman, wife and mother. Every time she graces the stage at these events, I can’t take my eyes off the screen because I’m looking out for something new in her performances so I can go learn the choreography. I have so many songs that I love by her, but my favorite would have to be ‘End of Time’.

I performed this song at my high school (during my senior year), the mall for a modeling/talent competition (which I did win and received a contract with them) and during my first semester in college. If anyone knows me on a personal level, they love when I dance to Beyoncé and I enjoy dancing to her songs too. 

In other words, I just want to thank Beyoncé for being such an inspiration to me. I indeed look up to her. She is my idol and I hope one day I will meet her and take billions of pictures with her. Happy Birthday Beyoncé!

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