Who Has Donald Trump’s Ear?

This is the question a lot of people maybe wondering or just haven’t thought about it. I came across a recent video of Trump’s speech he did at a rally. His topic at the moment was about African-Americans. He says, “What Do You Have To Lose?” I didn’t quite understand what he meant by that until he went into more details. Some of you may have seen the video and some may have not, but just listen to what he has to say about African-Americans. 

Not all African-Americans are homeless nor are all of the African-American youth are unemployed. He doesn’t do his research nor does the person who is clearly in his ear telling him what to say in his speeches. I’m still trying to figure out how does this man even have supporters. If you ask me, he is actually making the Republican Party look extremely bad. A lot of them do not even want to endorse Trump because of his words and actions. Some believe that he would be a great president because he is so outspoken. If that was the case, I should run for president because I’m very outspoken. He actually believes that he will have 98% of the African American vote in four years. If he thinks what he is doing now will “Make America Great Again” he needs to take a different route.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Matt A. J. 


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