Not Tonight, Darling… I’ve Got A Headache

Feeling dull-headed, tired, generally low. Your headaches. Oh dear. An all too common experience but what causes this pain you may well ask. Well, we all know that if you take an aspirin it will probably go away, but alas, how did it get there in the first place.

Well, in an attempt to ease your suffering here are the ideas on the matter. Others may disagree, but common sense and experience seem to back it all up, so…

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Number one cause is insufficient water. The body is approximately 75% water. The brain floats encased in fluid and needs plenty of fluid to keep it going. If insufficient fluid is present in the body it is felt in the brain first. It’s not a pleasant experience and hence much pain results.

Second most numerous cause is sexual frustration, an all too common experience (problem) you may add. Like it or not your body is geared to sex and when it can’t get some it complains. That nervous moving of feet and shuffling of legs is a sure sign. It is very easy to fall out of a proper sexual pattern particularly when leading a busy life and particularly when constantly exposed in today’s society to inflammatory TV commercials, films, and just generally ogling the opposite sex in the streets, at the beach, etc.

Bowel trouble is next on the list. This comes mostly from being constipated. Today’s eating patterns (snacking, eating fast, eating on the run, when nervous or excited) plus lack of roughage in the diet leads to improper elimination and digestive troubles generally.

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Eating too much can also overfill the stomach and intestines. How does this cause headaches you may ask? Well, all these cause pressure to be applied to areas surrounding the digestive system i.e. back muscles, ribs, lower abdominal muscles and the spine. Thus pressure is put on the spinal nerves and the spinal column itself hence forcing it a little out of place and sensation is transferred up to the brain and pain results. Hence one sore neck and throbbing head.

Low blood sugar, this can be fractional or cyclic in nature and hence hard to be picked up by say a doctor. Even so, the brain utilizes over 50% of all the food substances put into the body. It loves carbohydrates. Hence people on low carbohydrate diets can become cranky and irritable. Also, university type intellectuals who use their brains a lot, particularly long stints of night essay writing or cramming. Results one tired worn out person.

If one is tense, suffers from bad nerves, lives at a fast pace, is a worrying type or is under continuing strain, one burns up the body fuel sources much faster (B vitamins especially) hence pain in the head. Remember the brain always feels the pinch first.


There are also many other reasons for an aching head, but they are of a lesser nature. The preceding 5 reasons should be checked first. Other lesser reasons include skull and spinal deformities, back being “out” (misplaced discs etc., see a chiropractor) grief felt within, gas pressure, over and under sleeping, emotional upsets, anemia and nutritional deficiencies generally, sinusitis, congestion, colds, etc. Any of these lesser reasons may also contribute to the more major causes and vice versa. Of course, if you have a broken skull or back it is then a major cause.

Here are 6 tips to avoid the causes of a headache:

  1. Always be sure to drink 2-3 large glasses of water every day, preferably spaced evenly throughout the day.
  2. Keep in tune with your sexual needs. If a willing partner is not to be found masturbate. It’s fun and good for you. Don’t believe any rumours to the contrary. (NB: This is particularly a problem with highly sexed people. If you have sex or masturbate once or more every day be very conscious of this.) Pleasure yourself.
  3. Eat slowly and have regular meals. Eat plenty of roughage every day: muesli, bran, fruit, and vegetables. Don’t eat when tense or in a hurry. Relax first, then eat and enjoy it.
  4. Don’t crash diet, lose weight steadily, making sure to drink plenty of water.
  5. Exercise regularly – most important!
  6. Have a quiet time of meditation every morning and/or night. Particularly important if you are the nervous type. You will accomplish more in a day if you do nothing for a ½ hour and relax.

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  1. Visit your backyard passionfruit vine. Rip off a few leaves. Boil for a ¼ hour in 2 cups of water. Strain off and drink when cooler. ½ hour later like magic no headache.
  2. Exercise vigorously (flat-out) for 10 minutes.
  3. Cold water treatment – lie down, put cold water-soaked flannel on the head, over face and put feet in a bucket of cold water. Take deep breaths from the stomach.
  4. Vigorously massage head and neck, then lightly rub over face and hair.
  5. Take one soluble aspirin with water, preferably with a meal. Anything is better than pain.
  6. Work to relieve the causes.


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