National Girlfriends Day: My Late Take on Sex and the City

During the month of July, I watched the entire series of Sex and the City for the first time. Where was I when it came out? Hmmm… During the year of 1998, I was enjoying my college years at Jackson State University. Regardless, somehow I managed to miss out on an excellent show.

In honor of National Girlfriends Day, I’ve decided to chime in VERY LATE on what I now deem a classic.

sex and the city

Here’s my take on the famous fictional girlfriends:

Carrie Bradshaw: Oh my God! Carrie had me ready to pull my hair out. It was hard so to watch how she clung to Mr. Big knowing that he was no good for her! She is the perfect example of a friend that will not listen. Even though there were red flags everywhere, she chose to ignore them. How many women can relate to that? No matter how good things were between Big and Carrie, it always ended up in a total mess saturated in mixed signals. Carrie allowed Big’s mixed signals to control her life. He was always blocking! Because of this, she missed out on a great relationship with Aidan Shaw. Would she have been settling if she stayed with Aidan? Hell no!

Samantha Jones: Even though Samantha was a very promiscuous woman, she was the realest one on the show… no matter how inappropriate her conversations were. I loved the way she was blunt and didn’t care what her friends thought about her. (Minus the time she was rattled when Carrie walked in on her and the Worldwide Express guy.) She was just being herself… unapologetically. On the other hand, Samantha seemed very strong, but in reality she was afraid of love because someone broke her heart. She had realistic fears that people could relate to. Especially her cancer scare. During that time, her friends really rose to the occasion.

Charlotte York Goldenblatt: When things don’t go as planned, we can either learn from it or panic and mess things up even more. When it came to friends, I believe Carrie was the one that brought balance. She was sort of a mediator of conversations in an innocent, but almost annoying way. At times, she came across as judgmental and a goody two shoes, but I really believe she meant well. Even though she struggled with infertility and a bad marriage, she persevered and moved on. It’s okay to have the blues. You just can’t stay there. 

Miranda Hobbes: In my opinion, Miranda showed the most growth over the entire series. She’s the friend you have to encourage to try new things. 🙂 But she’s also the friend that’s not afraid to call you out when you’re wrong! Miranda went from a stuffy lawyer in a suit to a loving wife and mother. Even though she was set in her ways, she learned to adapt to each situation. Was it easy for her? No. But I am so glad we were able to see her internal struggle. It made her character even more realistic. Being a parent is a lifelong academy of learning. Merging your life with a significant other isn’t as easy as some may think. Change can sometimes be very difficult.

Overall, Sex and the City is a series that all women should watch before they even think about getting married. If you haven’t watched it, it’s not to late. (FYI: It’s available on HBO.) After watching it, you will appreciate your girlfriends even more and possibly diagnose what’s really going on in your love life.

Are you a Sex and the City fan? Who’s your favorite character?


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