Featured Couple Curtis and Jamila Jones #23

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Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? Where do you live now?

I am originally from Chicago, Illinois. I moved to Jackson, Mississippi in 2004 to attend THEE Jackson State University! I, then, received my Masters in Human Resources and I currently work in that field. Curtis is a native of Jackson, Mississippi and went to the Marines in 2003. He left in 2011 and currently works as a Financial Advisor. We live in the beautiful suburbs of Jackson, Mississippi……BYRAM 🙂

How did you meet?

It’s so funny because we are typical! We met at church in 2011! I was visiting the church and I swear I was not looking for him or thinking about anyone. A few people were trying to hook us up, but it was bad timing. We continued to converse and couldn’t help but to like each other. I fell in love with the church, became active and joined. Our first date, believe it or not, was at Lifeway Christian Bookstore! We bought Bibles together!

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Describe the moment you knew you belonged together.

Curtis and I laugh about everything! We just clicked. Everything hasn’t been peaches and cream between us, but we understand each other. I remember when we sat and talked for hours about our desires and our future. We had so much in common and I realized he was someone I could grow within a friendship not knowing that we would even become soulmates. We both have a passion for the community and ministry. We love giving to the community and just serving. We have so much in common when it comes to prayer, families, similar sense of humor, etc. We understand that we are leaders in different ways and because of that, we keep each other lifted and encouraged.

What makes your relationship work?

We pray and communicate! When we communicate, it doesn’t always go as planned, but at least we talk and get our point across and find a solution. We are a team and we work together! We have been married a year as of July 18, 2016, and it hasn’t been easy, but we have learned so much about each other. We keep God at the center of our marriage. When we argue, sometimes we stop and say NOPE…let’s pray. Our hearts soften up every time. We don’t use this method every time, but when we do, it works!

marriage 2015

What’s your favorite thing about each other?

Curtis can handle my sense of humor. I am goofy and sarcastic. He can imitate Martin so well that it’s hilarious!! I try not to laugh especially when I’m not in the mood, but I can’t help it.

Tell us about your funniest moment together.

I bought a water gun! I hid it under the bed and came out and said, “Say hello to my little friend!” I started shooting him with the water gun and made him beg for mercy! Later on that night, he got me back and I was scared to go to sleep because he kept threatening me with spraying me with the water! It was so much fun…BUT IT’S NOT OVER!


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