Latinos in America: Why Isn’t The Media Covering Latinos Being Killed By Police?

In America, not only do African-American have a hard time, Latinos do as well. There have also been recent killing of Latinos by police officers, but they are hardly noticed. An 18-year old named Anthony Nuñez was shot and killed by a police officer after he was trying to commit suicide. Melissa Ventura, a mother of three was shot and killed by two deputies, who were responding to a domestic call. When the officers got there, Mrs. Ventura instantly attacked the officers with a knife. Instead of trying to disarm her, they shot her. Pedro Villanueva, 19 years old, was shot to death by an undercover cop car in Fullerton, California. They begin to follow Pedro’s vehicle outside of Santa Fe meeting parking lot when Pedro made a U-turn towards the officers. They fatally shot and killed Pedro immediately and shot the passenger in the arm. The cops were undercover meaning they wore no uniform, had no sign of police car lights nor a description of being cops. There is still no reason for them to open fire on Pedro.

It’s really sad for the Latino community as well as the African-American community with the recent killings by police officers. I, as an Afro-Latina, want you to know that it’s really hard for us. It’s scary because we don’t know who will be next. We don’t know if we can walk outside or drive without being harassed by an officer who is supposed to protect us. How can you call yourself an officer if you’re afraid of someone of another race? How do you as an officer sleep at night, knowing you have taken an innocent person’s life?

Latinos being killed by police isn’t publicized as much as African-Americans being killed by police because Latinos don’t get their fight for justice out as much as African Americans do. We are all the same. We are all fighting for justice for our people asking for a change. We want a change. We want to be treated equally. We are tired of being killed by cops and being treated differently because we don’t look the same. But we can not end violence with violence. We, as black and brown, have to come together and support each other. Latinos and Black lives matter and it’s time for them to recognize that we are here and we are here to stay.



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  1. Milton says:

    Thats a sad these officers are gettinh out of control its time somebody should do something bout it

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