Limited Edition: MAC Blue Nectar Summer 2016 Collection

“Within the realm of the rose, a mysterious kingdom of blue ripe with temptation… Court seduction with only the most potent strains of Lipstick–Fixation, Carnivorous, Aphrodisia Invite intrigue with the intoxicating essence of sheer colour in Plushglass. Surrender to instinct, let your Blue Nectar flow.”

MAC Cosmetics


MAC Blue Nectar Lipstick, $17.00 (Limited Edition)

Courting Seduction – creamy pastel lavender (Amplified)
Lured In – mid-tone pastel purple (Amplified)
Invite Intrigue – cool, bright fuchsia (Matte)
Intoxica – bright raspberry red (Matte)
Lush Extract – deep royal purple (Matte)
Riot House – light vivid orange (Matte) (Repromote)
Give In – creamy natural pink (Matte)
Sweet Venom – intense pink coral (Matte)
Heroine – bright purple (Matte) (Permanent)
Ablaze – bright apricot (Matte) (Repromote)
Breathing Fire – bright, warm fuchsia (Matte)
Barbecue – vivid orange-red (Matte) (Repromote)


MAC Blue Nectar Plushglass, $20.00 (Limited Edition)

Fulfilled – full-blush creamy pink
Ample Pink – full, soft rose (Permanent)
In Abundance – bright coral pink
Robust – sheer bubblegum pink
Fashion Fanatic – sheer baby pink
Full for You – ultra-cool pink with silver pearl


Available online June 2nd and in stores on June 9th-July 21st.

Photos Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics.



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