Thanks Ma…


There are so many things I can say about my mom. I am so blessed to have her as a parent, counselor and friend. As I was reflecting on Mother’s Day, I decided it would be cool to jot down some of the things I wanted to thank her for.

  1. For all the times I hid my shoes on Sunday mornings
  2. For the hundreds of cactus needles you carefully tweezed out of my skin
  3. For rinsing black pepper from my eyes
  4. For letting me have the chicken breast even though it was your favorite
  5. For the special hairstyle request you agreed to on busy school mornings (even though you had  five other children to get ready)
  6. For your strength to survive my teen years
  7. For your encouragement during my college years
  8. For being a friend when I became a mom
  9. For being there for me through my many life changes
  10. For your continued support and encouragement

Thanks, Ma…

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Laced with Love,

Kelly Stone


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