Cyclical by Hym

“Psychological and physical abuse are far more prevalent than society is talking about.” – Hym CAn 

By Joyce WrightPhotographs by Mark Halberg (2)



Hym CAn

I’m HYm but I’m not him and I never can be HIM

At this point, it appears you can’t even differentiate between someone that strikes you

or softly caresses you…both bring you discomfort

But I’m not him  

Too often jokes are taken out of context and turned into heated debates

But I’m not him

You sob and cry that the Man in your life doesn’t fulfill you and there’s something missing

What’s missing is the Abuse

But I’m not him

When you touch my dark skin you don’t envision the Nubian King within me

rather you see the face that resembles the face of your oppressor

But I’m not him

I thought I was pouring Joy into your ½ empty cup

only to realize your cup is Empty

But I’m not HIM

I wish I could heal your emotional scars

But I’m not HIM

In conclusion, you and I know you are not capable of Loving me because I’m not him!

It saddens me but we both know you are still in Love with him!  

Kind Regards – Hym

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