Monday Motivation: 5 People to Follow on Twitter

When I’m introverting, I often visit Twitter. There are 20 people on my inspirational list that I consider the cream of the crop. Today, I’ve narrowed my list down to five people you should follow on twitter.

  1. Pastor Hart Ramsey: Pastor Hart Ramsey is the pastor of Northview Christian Church located in Dothan, Montgomery, Atlanta. He is the man behind #Uplifts, which is a daily inspirational text message received via cell phone. (Text UPLIFT to 46786 to receive daily Uplift.) Over the years, his #Uplifts and tweets have built me up when I was really torn down. Even today, his words inspire me to keep going.
  2. Paulo Coelho: Paulo Coelho is the author of several books, which include The Alchemist. One of his quotes says, “On ne peut pas dompter les rêveurs.”  The translation in English is “Dreamers cannot be tamed.” This quote is a reminder to me that I can’t live for other people. I have to find my own path. A path that was predestined for the dreamer in me. 3c0245d95ed4b4c1c357e07602ae3716
  3. Erykah Badu: Everyone knows who Erykah Badu is. Right? If you don’t, shame on you. When I want to think among thinkers, I take a browse through Erykah Badu’s tweets. I love that she’s always consistent. One of the greatest things about Erykah Badu is she understands that music heals. I love all of her albums, but New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh) has to be my all time favorite because it came out during a time that I really, really needed it.
  4. Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis: Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis is a Licensed psychologist that ministers through her tweets. Every once in a while, I’ll find myself having a “scheduled” pity party. (Yes, I schedule those.) On those days, I always find myself reading Dr. Thema’s tweets for a good pick-me-up.  She is like a guide to those lost in the darkness. Dr. Thema’s tweets help me put the past behind me in order to move forward. It’s okay to have the blues sometimes, but you just can’t stay there.
  5. Dr. SunWolf: When I’m experiencing writer’s block, Dr. SunWolf is my go to person. According to her Twitter bio, Dr. SunWolf is a whimsical professor, author, social scientist, attorney, folklorist, ukulele enthusiast, who plays with words, crayons, yarn, books, and odd possibilities. Believe me, you’ll get all that and more!

You can find my complete inspiration list on Twitter.

– Kelly Stone


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