A Reflection of Me

Life has a way of bringing events full circle. I recently attended an Authors Row event where I shared my journey about anxiety and depression. As I began to speak about the signs and symptoms, a beautiful lady in her forties began to come alive. Her eyes widened with anticipation as she sat up in her chair and literally took in every word I spoke. She began to ask a wave of questions including how did I survive, will I ever be “cured”, and if there is an end result to the pain and anguish in which I suffered. Within a flashing moment, I realized she was a reflection of me. She is now going through what I overcame.

Many questioned, including myself, the reason I wrote Battle Scars of the Mind. Why share such a vulnerable state in your life, many asked. It was for this moment. The woman standing before me. The woman going through life’s struggle unable to mentally process her next move. I am her and she is me. I share my story for countless others that are misdiagnosed or maybe unable to afford treatment. I want them to know there is light at the end of the tunnel. You can overcome your darkest moment. There are professionals that can assist you. You are not alone. My darkest hour gave way to a beacon of hope. Battle Scars of the Mind provides a safe haven for those coping with inner turmoil or struggles. It empowers readers to overcome their challenges and forge ahead to the destiny that awaits them.

battle scars
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Kendra Bell is a true Southern Belle. Through her inspiring journey with anxiety, she motivates others to cherish their God-given talents and to live out their callings despite facing life’s challenges.

One of her many passions involves the eradication of human trafficking. She has volunteered with several organizations to raise awareness in the community.

Her other passions involve spending quality time with her nieces, traveling, and, of course, shopping.

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