Featured Couple James and Sha’ahn #21

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Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? Where do you live now?

My name is James Jackson, Jr. and I am from Fredericksburg, Virginia. I am 40 years old and a divorced father of three. I have lived in Woodbridge, Virginia for the last eight years. I am an Operations Manager for a major freight company.

My name is Sha’ahn Williams. I am 38 years old and a divorced mother with a 16-year old son. I am originally from Philadelphia. I have lived in Stafford, Virginia, since 2009.

How did you meet?

James: We both had profiles on a dating site called Plenty of Fish (POF.com). I sent Sha’ahn a message and two weeks later she responded with a brief message along with her phone number. We immediately set a time to meet after speaking on the phone for the first time. Though Sha’ahn canceled at the last-minute, (after I was already at the restaurant) we maintained our conversation through text. In the time it took me to have two drinks, Sha’ahn had a change of mind and decided to come to the restaurant. I’m not sure what made her change, but if she had not, we may not be where we are today.

Sha’ahn: Yes, I’m not exactly sure what James texted me that got me so interested, but I know I felt comfortable, and the sun happened to come back out after a few showers. I took that as a sign to go on out to meet James. And let me tell you. When I finally showed up an hour and a half later, I was very glad I did. James is so handsome. His dating profile pictures did him NO JUSTICE.

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Describe the moment you knew you belonged together.

Sha’ahn: One evening,  very early in our dating phase, James and I were having a quiet evening together simply watching a movie. He was sitting next to me and I turned to look at him. As I was admiring his profile, I had a futuristic vision of James sitting in the exact same position, but he had a lot more gray hair at his temples. In that moment I knew James was mine. He was going to be my husband one day! I actually told him about my little vision and he thought I was just kicking game.

James: I knew Sha’ahn and I were meant to be after our road trip to Albany, New York to her uncle’s wedding. This was in April 2015. We had a VERY intense argument at the beginning of the trip. We had it out to the point she was going to put me out of the car, and honestly, I wanted to get out. Lol! We stopped at a fast food parking lot in Maryland. We talked it out, then continued our drive. I ended up driving. She fell asleep at some point and I kept looking over at her. I felt a feeling deep down that Sha’ahn and I would be together forever.

What makes your relationship work?

Sha’ahn: In my opinion, our relationship works because James is a PATIENT man! I’m serious. But we also talk everything out. Both of us truly love each other and although we both can be extremely stubborn and are very much alike, (which has its pros and cons), we do care… so we are sure to hash all grievances out. Everything. Sometimes we talk all night long. But eventually, our issues get resolved.

James: Sha’ahn and I have been openly honest from the day we met. For instance, when we first began our journey together, as many other couples do, there were people we had to cut off, that we had been talking to or dating. That took a while for both of us. But, unlike many couples, we were open about that. So I can say, even if we knew the other may not be happy about something, we still were open to sharing.

We have a very candid relationship. Sha’ahn is very open to talking about anything going on, and I am too. We have the most fun when we are together; we love each other very strongly.

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What’s your favorite thing about each other?

Sha’ahn: I love that James is fearless and passionate. He isn’t afraid to speak his mind to anyone and I admire that. James is his own person. He doesn’t waffle in his stance no matter what. I love that he makes me feel sexy no matter what I am looking like. He is not afraid to express himself and he listens to what I have to say. I mean TRULY listens to me. Oh, and I love how much he loves his children. I think that may be one of my favorite things about him.

Wait! I love his sense of humor. He always makes me laugh. He is quick-minded and witty. Okay, so to answer your question… My favorite thing about James is that he is always true to himself. He is smart, kind and passionate. He is a very caring man.

James: My favorite thing about Sha’ahn is her unique and exotic look, her sense of humor, and the strength of her love… Though it was a hard road to getting her to the point of loving me. I think.

Tell us about your funniest moment together.

Sha’ahn: We have so many funny moments! James and I are always laughing and joking. But I would have to say one of the funniest moments was the time James took me (unknowingly) to a gay bar. It was so funny! We didn’t realize it was a gay bar until I noticed that there were virtually no women in the place. The place was full of men! Everyone was cool there, so we stayed and had a great time. We had a dating blog. You know I wrote about that night so it went down in history forever in memoriam.  Lol!  We had a blast. It was early in our relationship too. It showed me a lot about his character. He isn’t homophobic, and we made the most out of that night as well.

James: Our funniest moment to me was the time we went out eating and drinking at a restaurant on the water. Sha’ahn isn’t a drinker so she kind of got drunk. After we left in the car, she started to get sick. Lol… but even with being sick, she still wanted to go get an ice cream sundae.

We go through the drive-thru for the ice cream, and Sha’ahn is telling me what to order for her in between puking out of the passenger side door onto the drive-thru street. I just passed on the order like nothing out of the ordinary was happening. The lady serving us looked at us like we were CRAZY but get this… She never batted an eye or said a word. She took the order, made the sundae and sent us on our way!!

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