The Black Gypsy: A Southern Laced Short Story


Over the weekend, I ran across a short story that I abandoned a couple of years ago. Deep sigh… Here’s a short synopsis and Chapter One of The Black Gypsy:

Copyright © 2014 Kelly Stone. All Rights Reserved.

Meet Primrose Guthrie. She’s a young, vibrant, black woman that believes she’s a gypsy at heart. She began to rethink life after a brush with death the night of her twenty-first birthday. On her journey of becoming one with nature and a free-spirit, fate grants her a passionate connection to an enthralling man named Everett Mitchell. Everett…. A man accustomed to living a quiet life in the outskirts of a small town in Mississippi. That was until he met Primrose. She was everything he NEVER wanted. Instead of being quiet and mysterious, she forced her clamorous world into his peaceful life. To his surprise, he soon stumbled upon lust and love in the most unlikely place.



There is nothing more frightening than falling in love with someone. No one wants to feel vulnerable.

I would much prefer to escape a broken heart rather than risk experiencing the emotional weight and distress it carelessly brings. But, love…love has a way of sneaking in and causing all kinds of chaos.

At least, that’s what happened to me on that day…

I was on my way to a last-minute cookout on the Reservoir. It was Memorial Day weekend. The weather was amazing! There were no clouds in the sky. The sun was shining. The wind caressed my nostrils with a flowery scent as I drove about with my windows down. It was a perfect day to hang out with family and friends.

I smiled as I stopped by the corner store to grab a couple of sodas. I chuckled knowing that was the only thing I was expected to bring. It was a known fact that I wasn’t the best cook.

I got out of the car still humming the love song I had blasting on the radio. I felt like I was walking on cloud nine when I caught a glimpse of him talking to his best friend in front of the store entrance.

Time stopped. The sparkle in his eyes enchanted me. He was tall, dark and scrumptiously handsome. I would even venture to describe him as being god-like…almost angelic.

“Rose.” The way he said my name pulled me right into his arms. I just wanted to feel his butter pecan skin next to mine once again.

“Hey, babe.” There was no hiding my happiness to see Roman as I was unable to hide the permanent smile plastered across my face.

It felt so good to be in his arms again. Last night, he did things to my body that I had only dreamed of. It was our first time together.

Although we had only known each other for a short time, I was head over heels in love with him.

I inhaled his scent and he kissed my cheek before letting me go.

“What’s up, Lady Primrose?”

“Nothing much, Tyrese. What are you guys about to get into?”

I found it hard to understand the two of them being best friends. Roman was the studious type with street smarts. He was groomed to take over his family’s business. Tyrese was a pretty boy with a natural tan and a mass of black curls on the top of his head. At first glance, you would think he was a softie, which was not the case. Tyson wasn’t the man you wanted to meet in a dark alley. He ran the streets. He was known as the go-to guy for any and everything the streets had to offer.

Roman’s hand snaked around my waist as he whispered, “I wish I was getting into you.”

I giggled and blushed as thoughts of all the naughty things he introduced me to last night flooded my mind. I still had a burn on my back because he was so gung-ho on running me up the wall.

“Tonight,” was my only response.

“For sure,” he replied melting my insides.

His lips brushed against mine before it deepened into a kiss. I would never be able to resist this man.

“Come on, Rome. Get a room. That’s just wrong.”

We both ignored the complaints of the third wheel until we heard multiple shutter noises coming from his camera phone.

“Let’s see how many likes I can get off this one. I’m tagging you both on Instagram.”

“Chill out, Tyrese,” Roman warned. “Where’s your respect for privacy?”

His eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Funny you should mention privacy after that very public display of affection…all out in the open and shit.”

I rolled my eyes and looked at my watch realizing the time. These two could go on and on without me.

“I’m running late. Can you sort this out without me? I don’t need my picture floating around unrestricted.”

“Too late! Check out all the likes I’m getting. Girly hashtags are the way to go. Hashtag cutest couple….hashtag afternoon love… hashtag Bonnie and Clyde… hashtag…”

Although he was annoying me, I had to admit the hashtags were cute and hilarious. We all got a kick out of them.

After composing myself, I inquired, “Bonnie and Clyde? Really?” I folded my arms and anticipated what he would conjure up to say next, but he only laughed.

“You wish. Both of you are too squeaky clean for that title,” he scoffed. “That was my gift to you.”

“Awww…how sweet,” I cooed.

This seemed to make him want to push the envelope a little further.

“Besides…neither of you possess a wild bone in your bodies. I would bet money he already hit last night when he wouldn’t answer his cell and it’s been like…what? Three minutes.”

I gasped at his disrespect and pure bluntness. Just glancing at Roman, I knew he was livid. I could see a nerve pumping near his temple.

“Apologize,” he demanded.

“Man, you tripping. You can’t be serious.”

The duo stood there eyeballing each other for what seemed to be hours.

“Dead serious.”

“Nawl, man. What happened to friends before hoes? I can’t believe she got you sprung with the quickness. That coochie gots to be gold. I warned you not to hit it.”

In a flash, Roman had him hemmed up by the collar. I knew then that shit was about to get real.

“Let me go, Rome. You know I don’t play about my clothes.”

“Apologize,” Roman demanded again through, but this time through clenched teeth.

It wasn’t long before Tyrese broke eye contact and whispered, “Bonnie and Clyde.”

Roman’s patience was running thin.”Keep playing. I’m dead serious. Apologize.”

“Rome, tell your girl to go in the store. Bonnie and Clyde,” I vaguely heard him whisper as he kept staring in the distance. He looked as if he’d seen a ghost.

Realization must have hit Roman as he turned to look at me. There was something in his eyes that told me to run, but it all happened so fast.

All I could hear were gunshots.

First, Tyrese went down. I watched as Roman frantically pleaded with two men that screamed trouble. I knew it was over once eyes pleaded for me to run, but my legs wouldn’t cooperate. I just stood there like a statue waiting for it to happen. There was no escaping it. Just like love, death had a way of sneaking up uninvited.

I wanted to comfort him as he plummeted awkwardly like Andy the rag doll. I knew it was too late as he lay on the ground in a pool of his own blood.

My legs gave way forcing me into a fetal position. I could feel my body going into shock. My shorts went from damp and warm to cold and damp in a matter of seconds. My body shook with chills, while beads of sweat covered my forehead.

I couldn’t take my eyes off his lifeless eyes. Not even when I felt the cold steel press against my head did my eyes waiver.

I silently prayed and made my peace with God. If I was going to die, I wanted to go to Heaven.

And, then, it must have happened. My brain felt all fuzzy. A surge of pleasant tingles filled it.

My last thought was that it didn’t even hurt before everything went black.

What do you think of Chapter One? If you liked it, you can read more of The Black Gypsy.

Laced with Love,

Kelly Stone

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