Breaking Down the Barriers of Anxiety Disorder and Depression

Everyone has a role to play when it comes to mental illness. It takes a village to raise a child but it also takes a village to nurture that child back to health. During a recent conversation with host Miyume of Epiphany radio show, she provided a profound illustration on anxiety and depression. She shared that you would not withhold a person suffering an asthma attack the use of their inhaler. Prayer and positive thinking alone won’t stop the attack but with the addition of breathing treatments, inhalers and medical assistance one can successfully survive the episode.

This also deems true with mental illness and the church. Parishioners alone cannot solve the problem. Just as it takes multiple factors to relieve an asthma attack, it takes prayer, counseling, medication, and family support to survive panic attacks.

battle scars

For an in-depth look into the soul of anxiety and depression, join me at 12PM CST on Saturday, April 9th, on accelerated radio with host Epiphany with Miyume. I will be discussing my book, Battle Scars of the Mind: Do You Have What It Takes To Overcome the Enemy’s Temptation?


– Kendra Bell

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