Sharing 10 Of My Many Thoughts Today: Pretty Mindful or Pretty Petty? I’ll let you decide.


1. Why do so many people run back to what/who hurt them the most in their past when they’re in a crisis? 💔

2. Why do I wear a bonnet to sleep, just to find it on the floor every morning chillin’ beside the bed?😴

3. How long before you fall off of that high horse?👎🐎

4. Why feel the need to keep posting/exposing haters, when the enemies are the ones that gets you blessed. 🙏Why not just share your blessings?

5. Why keep using these make-up apps? The results aren’t even realistic.😩

6. Why keep texting when someone is clearly a sucky texter?

7. What does a girl do for her 30th birthday?

8. If make-up is made to enhance the beauty that you already have, why are so many girls beating their faces into someone else? Lol

9. Why are girls so upset about that bonnet post? Stop being super beyond ghetto fab and just take that mess off before walking into a public place.

10. All of these clothes and nothing to wear. Sigh…

– By Sadé Kelly AKA Petty Blvd

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