Kelly Stone talks to Lamorris Williams about Mississippi Motown

Name: Lamorris Williams
Occupation: Soul/R&B Singer
Location: Jackson, Mississippi

lamorris pic
Photo Courtesy of LaMorris Williams

Q: How did you get started in the music industry?

LM: I was born into it. That’s all I ever knew. I was always around it because of my dad, who is a part of The Williams Brothers.


Q: You’ve had the opportunity to be a drummer for The Williams Brothers, background singer for  Eddie Kendricks of The Temptations and Tony Terry. You’ve even shared the stage with Luther Vandross, Kool and the Gang and Bobby Brown. What was it like growing up around so many legends?

LM: For others, it would have been exciting, but for me it was normal. I was used to it because I was on the road with my dad up until high school.

Q: By the time you were 16 years old, you had worked on projects and produced music for Toni Braxton,  Young Bleed and C-Loc, 12 Gauge and David Hollister’s single of the 90’s, “My Favorite Girl”. Now, you have your own solo career. How has the touring life been for you?

LM: Pure hell. Haha! It’s time-consuming. You have to be energized for every show even when you are tired. No one enjoys being worn out, but it has to be done.

Q: What’s next for you?

LM: Touring… I will be working this album for the next year.


To find out more about  Lamorris Williams, follow him on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and YouTube. For LABEL/PROMOTIONAL INFORMATION & BOOKING/EVENT INFORMATION call (601) 405-4534. Retailers can order music from Alliance Entertainment at INFO@LAMORRISWILLIAMS.NET. 


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