What’s In My Make-Up Bag

“I’m not a slave to make-up, I’m not a slave to not wearing make-up either.”
-Alicia Keys

When it comes to make-up, I try to keep it simple. Do I wear make-up everyday? No. You’ll never find me wearing it while I’m lounging around the house.

If you were to take a look inside my make-up bag, here are some of the most important items you would find:

  1. NYX “Honey Dew Me Up” Primer $16.99, Target


2. Becca Matte Foundation in “MAHOGANY” $42, Sephora


3. “PoP It Clean” Tyra Beauty Make-Up Remover Wipes $12.50, Tyra.com


4. MAC Retro Lippie in “All Fired Up” $17, Belk


5. MAC Studio Fix in NW45 $27, Belk

Belk (1)

…by Sade’ Kelly aka pettyblvd

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