Marital Advice Revisited After Divorce

Before marrying my now ex-husband, I can remember receiving the most ridiculous advice. Now that I’m divorced, that advice is the only advice I can even remember receiving!

Did I take heed to their advise? No.
Do I wish I had? Yes.

February is the Month of Love. Many couples relationship status changed from dating to engaged. To each and everyone of them, I say, “Congratulations!”


There is nothing more beautiful than a couple uniting together in love, but unfortunately… many will find out the ugly truth regarding happily ever after. Although all marriages don’t end in divorce, a right smart (in my Southern accent) of them do.

In an effort to help you along, I will share the advice that I quickly brushed aside. Was it good or bad advice? I’ll let you be the judge…

1. Never lose YOUR identity.

2. Always put $20 a month to the side even if you have to skip eating out for lunch every once in a while. You never know when YOU may need the money.

3. Always pack an overnight bag in your trunk.

Leave your comments below.

Laced with Love,

Kelly Stone

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Excerpt from Kelly Stone: Life After My Fall from Grace – A Daily Inspirational Book.

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