My Top 3 Favorite 2016 Wedding Trends

Are you getting married this year? If so, I had the pleasure of attending a local bridal event, which included vendors and two bridal shows.

Because it would take forever to give you all of the intricate details during my quest to find the best venues, caterers, photographers,wedding invitations, entertainment, bridal and formal wear, I came up with a list of my top three (3) favorite trends for 2016.

1. Sparkling Cucumber Limeade Water


Via Taste and Tell Blog

Since I don’t drink alcohol, I thought the only option for me during this event would be to find a bottle of water. After passing up champagne and cocktails, I finally stumbled upon Sparkling Cucumber Limeade Water. To my surprise, I loved it! The taste was absolutely refreshing.

I could definitely see this at an outdoor wedding. Thus, making it my number one pick.

Find the recipe at Taste and Tell Blog.

2. Naked Cake


Via Martha Stewart Weddings Photo: Evonne and Darren Wong

Every time I see a naked cake, it reminds me of time spent as a child with my great-grandmother. She could make the best jelly cakes!

Although there was no frosting on the outside, the delicious jelly and cake would melt in my mouth perfectly. Those were the days…Who needs frosting?

Find this cake at Martha Stewart Weddings.

3. Wedding Dress with Pockets


Via Nigerian Wedding

When I saw the model come out on the runway during the bridal show with her hands in these little dainty pockets, I literally screamed, “Pockets!”

I, along with the crowd, was wow’d because they were just so stinkin’ cute! What is it about pockets that are so loveable?

Find this dress at Nigerian Wedding.

Did I miss one of your favorite trends for 2016? Leave yours in the comment section below.

Laced with Love,


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