New Year New You got you hopeful?

New Year New You got you hopeful? Here are some great tips on how to turn that universal mantra into real motivation for healthy changes in 2016.

Happy new year! There is nothing like the fresh blank -slate of a new year to give many of us the much needed boost to make great changes in our health. We want it; mental health, physical health, spiritual health , even financial health, better known as a budget. The new year is flooded with great new diets, detoxes, workout programs, and fasts, so how do you know how to get started? Here are some tips on how to navigate your healthful sails while cruising to the healthy, active, fit new you!

Steer clear of low fat diets. Studies show that diets that are low in fat have high sugar and sodium and poor results. Instead, try diets that encourage lean proteins like white meat chicken, turkey, fish, sirloin beef, buffalo; have a variety of green veggies like: romaine lettuce, kale, green beans, asparagus, broccoli, spinach; berries, and complex fiber rich carbs like brown rice, yams, whole wheat and whole grain breads and pastas, healthy fats: olive oil, avocado, a multivitamin, And lots of WATER.

Create a vision board. Grab a few magazines, glue, scissors, and your inner child and cut out pictures, and slogans that really motivate you. Glue them to some poster board and place in a location where you will see it daily to help you keep your vision and goals in front of you.

Write down your goals. Have a clearly stated goal of what you want. Once the goal is stated then write down objectives to work towards that goal. Example: Goal – lose 40 pounds by next Fall. Objective – Week 1-3 walk three times a week and cut out sodas, week 4-9 walk and run three times a week, remove late night snacking and meal prep on Sundays.

Meditate on your goal. Find a little time each day to relax and focus your mind on what you want and imagine you have obtained it.

Surround yourself with like minded people, Iron sharpens Iron. Get around others who also want to be healthier or more active. They will encourage you to keep going when you feel like giving up.
Enjoy success and progress from more places than the scale. Look at changes like your clothes fitting loser, lower blood pressure, better sleep, and better digestion as signs of getting closer to your goal too. The scale is a good way to track progress, but its not the only way.

Drink up!..water that is. Increase your water and enjoy quicker fat loss, better complexion, and better digestion.

Snack well, if you are a grazer and enjoy munching, do it consciously. Trade chips and sweets for meet and veggies. Carrots, celery, apples, berries, cottage cheese, grilled chicken, nuts, granola, protein shakes and bars are some better substitutes to chips, cookies, and candies.
Ignore nay sayers or bottom feeders as I call them. You are doing these wonderful changes for yourself, don’t let anyone else bring you negativity or words to diminish what you are doing for yourself. You deserve to have the body and health that you desire.

Change your mind. There is nothing as strong as a changed mind. Get convicted about what you want and fight for it. Decide for yourself that this is what you demand for your body. Only when we truly change our mind about what eat, drink, and do can we change our lifestyle.

2016 is an amazing time to be alive. Lets really live and thrive this year! Stay motivate and stay excited! New year new you!

– Kimberly


received_10205339336468988.jpegKimberly is a happy, optimistic, fitness enthusiast! She enjoys working out, creating healthy meals, and motivating and teaching others how to live their healthier lifestyle in real life. She believes fitness is obtainable at any age and at any level.

Starting is now, continuation is for a lifetime.

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