How to Know If a Man Is Really Interested by Author Colin Tate

Here is the age-old secret to determine if a man is really interested in you. If a man likes you, there will be no question in your mind. You won’t have to ask your friends, family or anyone else for their advice. Think about it this way. I’m sure at some point in your life there was a man that liked you but for whatever reason, the feelings weren’t mutual. Either you didn’t find him attractive or he just wasn’t your type.


Whatever the reason, did you have to guess or wonder about his feelings? Did you have to ask your friends or family what they thought? No, of course not. Why, because he made it CRYSTAL clear how he felt because he didn’t want to take the chance of another man coming into the picture.

However, if you are dating a man and you have to ask your friends or family to help you make sense out of his mixed signals, then I’m afraid you have your answer. With men, the mixed signals are ALWAYS the answer. So, unlike the man in the earlier example that made it clear how he felt, the man giving the mixed signals has no fear or worry about another man coming into the picture. Why, because he really doesn’t care, hence the reason for the mixed signals. But the mistake most women make is trying to make sense and rationalize a man’s mixed signals.

In addition, when dealing with a man there are two things you must always remember.

One: Listen to what a man DOES not what he SAYS. A man’s actions will tell you everything you need to know.

Second: Make sure to always follow your instincts and ignore your emotions. Your instincts are God’s voice screaming to you that something is wrong; however, your emotions are telling you to ignore it.

-Author Colin Tate

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