How Stylist L.Roy creates the perfect look to attend church on Sunday morning?

In the past, I would prep my wardrobe on Saturday night. Now, I get up an hour early to prepare for the perfect look on Sunday morning. It’s takes me about ten minutes to create a look.

I dress according to how I feel in my spirit. I enjoy being creative with my wardrobe. Fashion is all about pulling that edgy side of you out the box. It’s fun when you can create different looks using a dress, blouse, scarves. In addition, you can find ways to save money. I’m all about saving when it comes to buying apparel!

Fashion is a trend…it’s a cycle…it’s repeats. 

I’m going to show you a few outfits, I wore to create different looks.

Same Black Bobby Doll Dress| Created 3 Different Times| Total 3 Different looks| 


Same Black Pinstripe skirt| 2 Different Looks| Both outfits can be worn to church or work attire.


For more fashion tips, follow Roy on INSTAGRAM. For booking, email her at or contact her via phone at 601.503.5400.

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  1. love theee look and creativity behind it! well done 🙂

    check out my outfit & share thoughts too?:) thx!

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