Southern Laced 2015 Year in Review

When I looked over my blog post insights for the year, I was pleasantly surprised to find that What to Wear to Church by Stylist Latoya Roy was the most popular post of the year. This made me smile for more reasons than one.

As a guest blogger, I have watched Stylist L. Roy take her fashion knowledge to an entirely new level. She is definitely one influential woman to watch in 2016!

Blessings to you, Stylist L. Roy.

Most Popular Posts of 2015

What To Wear To Church by Stylist L. Roy

Featured Couple Juan and Kimberly Knott

When A Woman Cheats…My Interview With The Anonymous Other Woman (Part 1)

Featured Couple Robin and Sherika Aikens

Featured Couple James and Alex Barlowe

What To Wear To A Wedding by Stylist L. Roy

Exclusive: A First Look At Warby Parker’s Half Decade Collection

I’m Not Wearing Any Panties

Girls’ Night Out Fashion Tips by Stylist L. Roy

Spring 2015 Fashion Tips by Stylist L. Roy


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