12 Must-Have Fall Fashion Trends by Stylist L. Roy

Wondering what to put on your shopping list this fall? Stylist L.Roy will always find trends to keep you looking fabulous as the weather turns chilly.

Here is a list of Stylist L.Roy’s Fall Fashion Trends:

  1. Plaid everything from shirts to blazers. Plus, of course, tomboy shirts that look stylish on pretty much everyone. They make me want to go horseback and hay riding!
  2. Big bling, sparking earrings, such as chunky necklaces and cocktail rings. I enjoy wearing accessories that make a bold statement.The chancel brooches are so adorable chic to be worn on a collar shirt or dress. Accessories can definitely complete an outfit.
  3. A fringe vest worn with cowboy boots and skinny leg denim are perfect for dinner with friends or even date night.
  4. A fur vest is an absolute necessity for your closet, ladies! It can be worn with a dress, jeans, shorts or even a skirt. A fur vest is a great look for night on the town.
  5. Ponchos are stylish for a cozy night, such as a bonfire party or football game. They are so cute and comfy.
  6. Every girl needs a pair of Ugg boots. They can be worn on tiresome days when you’re always on your feet. These boots are a great way to stay stylish and won’t have you begging for a foot rub at the end of the day.
  7. Converse sneakers look good with jeans.They’re perfect for cool girls kicking it around town.
  8. Flats are both chic and comfy. They are perfect for work or even shopping with the girls.
  9. Off-the-shoulder hand bags come in all shapes and sizes. They are perfect to wear when you’re going shopping or even attending a football game.
  10. Skinny leg denim can be worn year-round. Skinny Leg Jeans are my fave! I love to wear my skinny legs with my converse sneakers, boots, high heels 👠 and cute flats. I love to shop for my jeans at Buckle and my fave brand of jeans are BKE (Buckle Brand), RockRival, Big Star and Tru Religion.image
  11. Every girl needs something leather in her closet, whether it’s a jacket, leggings, or skirt. You can never go wrong with wearing leather garments. Leather attire can be dressed up or down. Leather garments are a girl’s best friend, just like diamonds.
  12. Open Toe Thigh Boots are popular for the fall and even winter season. You can find them in almost every color. I will be purchasing two pair of Open Toe Thigh Boots this season. One color will be royal blue because that’s my favorite color and the other pair will be black. These boots can be worn with shorts, skirts or dresses. They are sexy, trendy and affordable. Don’t miss out on purchasing a pair of Open Toe Thigh Boots.

Thoughts? Would you wear these? Thumbs up or down? I’d love to hear…

For more fashion tips, follow Roy on INSTAGRAM. For booking, email her at LatoyaRoy@aol.com or contact her via phone at 601.503.5400.

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  1. Dāsha says:

    Great choices! I’m definitely in the market for a fur vest.


  2. Thanks for visiting my site! Stylist L. Roy is going to have all of us shopping. 🙂

  3. Dāsha says:

    No problem, I enjoyed my visit. Come by &
    see me at http://windycitywardrobe.com

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