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For a relationship to work, both parties have to be equally loyal and dedicated to one another. Without titles, it opens the door to confusion, which causes feelings to develop, lines to blur and hearts to eventually become broken.

SITUATIONSHIPS: RELATIONSHIP POEMS AND SHORT STORIES, is an unexpected guide for lovers involved in traditional and nontraditional relationships. John Holley, Jr. clearly defines how one can easily get caught up in a great sexual relationship, yet lack the commitment element. Holley is able to capture real-life stories through short stories and poetry effortlessly.

In SITUATIONSHIPS, Holley reveals that dishonesty in these types of relationships create an environment that thrives off lust…not love. To take it a step further, he includes marriages. Pretending to be happily married can be quite convincing, but the illusion soon fades when one is more emotionally involved than the other.

Holley penned this thought-provoking book with great skill challenging and defining various types of relationships.

For more information on future projects, visit Holley’s website HERE.

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