When A Woman Cheats… My Interview With The Anonymous Other Woman (Part 2)

Although there wasn’t a lot of feedback publicly, my stats were booming on Friday when I posted my interview with a married woman involved in an extramarital affair. This did not surprise me because it’s not a topic one would casually indulge in just for the heck of it.

When A Woman Cheats… My Interview With The Anonymous Other Woman (Part 1)

Today, I am interviewing a single woman who was involved in a romantic affair with a married man. Like the last interview, her identity will remain anonymous.

As I told these women, I am not here to judge them. So, I ask that you set your judgment aside and give them a chance to enlighten us and share their stories.

Feel free to leave your respectable thoughts in the comment section below.

Here’s what she had to say…



Do you believe there’s a reason to cheat?

Over the years, I have watched our ancestors get away with adultery. Coming forward to the current century, the way of communication has changed, which put a lot at our fingertips.

With that being said, yes, there’s a reason to cheat because the majority of our (black) men are in jail. Most are gay or just not even loyal themselves.

Why did you cheat?

Actually, I was not the cheat. He was (the cheat) due to me being single. We were together for seven years until I got tired of being alone while he went back home to his wife.

What reason did he give you?

The reason he gave me for cheating was that they had not been intimate for a long time and she was always talking down to him.

Did you ever have hopes of marrying him?

Over the years, there were hopes of him leaving her to be with me. But, of course, that never happened due to the kids. My hopes diminished of him being the man for me and making me his wife.

Do you believe the cheating would stop with you?

I did believe that he would stop cheating when he got with me.

Would you consider yourself an emotional support to him?

Yes, I would consider myself an emotional support to him because I always listen to their problems.

Would you call what you have a loyal relationship?

We had a loyal relationship because it was just us.

Do you believe he would leave his wife for you?

All his needs would be fulfilled…

Has he led you to believe that?

He led me to believe that I was everything he needed.

Do you think of yourself as second best?

I consider myself as the best for him.

Please explain.

He seems so happy when he’s with me.


Does he love you?

I think he truly, genuinely loves me, but because of his situation…

Why is he still married?

He’s still married, according to him, to cause no harm to himself due to speculation of her assuming that he’s cheating.

What advice do you have for married women?

If you feel your husband is cheating, don’t step to the woman. Go to your man because he’s the one that’s stepping out on you.

What advice do you have for the other woman?

If you are single, try to avoid married men as much as possible because you’ll end up losing so much time.

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