When A Woman Cheats… My Interview With The Anonymous Other Woman (Part 1)

I decided to interview a married woman involved in an extramarital affair. Upon request, her identity will remain anonymous. All judgment aside… I wanted to give her a chance to share how she ended up in a situation shunned by society.

Can you relate? Feel free to leave your respectable thoughts in the comment section below.

Here’s what she had to say…


Do you believe there’s a reason to cheat?  

No! You’ll be surprised by my answer. I had a choice to be truthful or untruthful with my spouse and I cowardly chose the latter.

Why did you cheat?

There were plenty of reasons I can give as to why I cheated. My husband was overbearing, self-righteous and boring.

I actually looked up reasons why people cheat. (laughs) Yelp! I looked it up… says the cheater herself. I guess I wanted to know if it related to me.

The constant arguing and petty fights just really got to me. It made me vulnerable and easy to be enticed by someone who told me I was beautiful and made me laugh. You know, flirtatious conversations… I recognize it for what it is.

When I really think about it, it was a lack of communication and not knowing how to communicate. I always felt as though my opinion or feelings toward something was not validated by my husband and it tore me down to the point that I was questioning myself. The way he talked to me… It’s not what you say, it’s how you deliver it.

Did you ever have hopes of marrying him?

Yes and no.

If you were to marry him, do you believe the cheating would stop with you?

I honestly don’t know.

Would you consider yourself an emotional support to him? 


Would you call what you have a loyal relationship?

No, in respect to cheating. But other than that… yes.


Do you believe he would leave his wife for you?

He’s not married but has a girlfriend. I don’t know.

Has he led you to believe that?

Yes. He said he that he would.

Do you think of yourself as second best?


Please explain.

We’ve been together for so long. 15 years… What we have is more than sex. At least, that’s what we tell ourselves.

Does he love you?

Yes. I believe he does.

What advice do you have for married women?

Be utterly and completely honest with your spouse. Don’t live a lie.

What advice do you have for the other woman?

Seek the truth… your truth and live it.

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