Love, Marriage and Taxes

Did you get married in 2014? If so, you will be filing taxes with your spouse for the very first time.

To help you get started , Sellena Roberson Hunter, owner of S & E Tax Services, has provided the following five major tips:

  1. You and your spouse may save money by itemizing rather than taking the standard deduction on your tax.
  2. Make sure you change your last name with Social Security before you file.
  3. If you work, report your name or address change to your employer. This will help to ensure that you receive your Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement.
  4. For IRS purposes every state now recognize same-sex marriage, they can file Married Filing Jointly.
  5. If you purchased a new home, report the address change to IRS on Form 8822. The points paid are also deductible that year.

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