Featured Couple Juan and Kimberly Knott #15


Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? Where do you live now?

Kimberly: My name is Kimberly and I am an entrepreneur from Brandon, Mississippi. Currently. I live in Jackson, Mississippi with my husband, Juan.

Juan: My name is Juan and I am a self-employed entertainer. I am a member of the group Compozitionz. We just released our new single, Morning After, which is available on Itunes.


How did you meet?

Juan: This may sound cliché, but when I first met Kim… for some reason I knew I would get to know her. After assisting her with school registration, I would buy her coffee and she would appreciate it. She was going through a hard time. She had strings of bad situations going on, but continued to go to school. Even after being in a bad car wreck, she was still trying to keep her job and go to school.

Kimberly: During registration, I tried to tell him every unattractive thing about myself. I told him about my children and my divorce right from the start. I wasn’t trying to hide anything. I remember thinking he was very smooth. I didn’t know he was an entertainer at the time. Before I found out he was photophobic, I thought he was just wearing shades all the time. In actuality, Juan had died and came back. He lost brain cells when he had meningitis, which left him color blind.

Describe the moment you knew you belonged together.

Kimberly: I broke up with him because he was getting on my nerves, but he had become a part of my life. During that time, I realized that Juan was the one I was going to be with. That’s when it became a fact…

Juan: The moment I knew we belonged together was the moment I realized how adaptable she was in 2010. She had moved from D’Lo to Richland and finally Jackson. In March 2012, I got down on one-knee and proposed and she said yes.


What makes your relationship work?

Kimberly: We are totally different. Juan’s more verbal. He keeps things interesting and spontaneous. Communication and honesty make our relationship work.

Juan: The way we exhibit passion together. We are very passionate people.


What’s your favorite thing about each other?

Kimberly: He has three different names for three personalities. I’ll explain…

  • Juan is who he is by day. The father, husband, professional and regular career person. Juan is his birth personality. He’s the one I talk to on a real level. I love that he’s brilliant.
  • Remy is a combination of Juan and Bishop. He’s very suave, smooth and always going to be the smartest person in the room. He likes to be on top and look good. He’s flashy and walks with a good presence. He’s smart with a business sense.
  • Bishop is his alter ego on stage. Females know Bishop. I’m impressed with Bishop, but I let the others have him! He’s an entertainer, dancer, and singer.

Juan: Adaptability is her best trait. She’s very easy to get along with at times. My family loves her.


Tell us about your funniest moment together.

Juan: When Kim fell down the stairs!

Kimberly: I had left a Christmas party two years ago. Once home, I was coming around the corner with lots of lotion in my hands from playing Dirty Santa. Juan didn’t know I was outside. So he turned the porch light off, which is something he usually does at night. Only this time, it made me miss the last step! I ended up rolling and didn’t stop until my face and hair were covered in lavender-scented lotion from Victoria’s Secret.

Juan: I flicked the light back on just in time to catch her falling. It took her forever to fall. She was stumbling and rolling! The house ended up smelling like lavender and fruit. We ended up laughing the whole night. I was sore from laughing and she was sore from falling.


Click HERE to visit Compozitionz’s website.

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