What to Wear on the First Date

Have you ever walked into your closet only to find you have nothing to wear? No matter how small or large your wardrobe, you wouldn’t want this to happen the night of a first date. Just what exactly are you supposed to wear? To answer this question, I consulted with fashion stylist Latoya Roy.

The first question to come to mind is…‘Where are you going on your first date?’  That’s how you determine your outfit.

To help you ladies get started on what to wear, I’ll give you a few examples.

Dinner and A Movie Date

If you are going to dinner and to see a movie, you want to be comfortable. I recommend that you dress casual and cute. A cute off the shoulder sweater would be perfect in a color such as orange, tan or black paired with a skinny leg denim. Denim can be light or dark grey. You can rock a pointed toe heel or even a bootie. Since it’s fall, a bootie shoe would look lovely with any attire. Your accessories should consist of earrings, a bracelet, and a clutch.

Dinner and Lounge Music Date

If you are going out to dinner and to a lounge to hear some nice music, you should wear a dress. Body dresses are cute and can be paired with a blazer, a long drop-down necklace, small earrings, bracelet, clutch and a pointed heel. Pointed heels are definitely a hot item for the fall season!

date night photo

The outfit above is a good outfit for a date night. It’s a mustard color blazer with multiple scarfs, bleached skinny leg jeans and over knee boots. You can do small gold earrings and a tan bracelet.

My Date Night


This outfit is from my date night. I wore a bling head accessory, black sweater, grey skinny leg jeans, and pointed spike heel. I added silver accessories to complete my outfit.

Three More Options…

The following three dresses consist of form fitted, body dresses:

The first dress is a vintage dress, paired with a purple bootie and accessories consisting of only earrings.


The second dress is a vintage dress. This multiple color dress is paired with a gold open toe heel. The accessories are turquoise earrings and multiple bracelets.

Photo Credit: Elite Images, http://www.myeliteimages.com

Photo Credit: Elite Images, http://www.myeliteimages.com

The last dress is a black off the shoulder dress with an open toe heel. The accessories include a bling silver head-piece, bling silver earrings, and a bling silver bracelet. All of the accessories were purchased from Charming Charlie.”

Latoya Roy Fashion Stylist|Personal Shopper|Closet MakeOvers|Motivational Speaker   "FASHION IS WHAT YOU BUY, STYLE COMES FROM CREATIVITY."
Latoya Roy, Fashion Stylist|Personal Shopper|Closet MakeOvers|Motivational Speaker, “FASHION IS WHAT YOU BUY, STYLE COMES FROM CREATIVITY.”


For more fashion tips, follow Roy on INSTAGRAM. For booking, email her at LatoyaRoy@aol.com or contact her via phone at 601.503.5400.

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