Shampoo or Wash? Hair 2000 Gets Down To The Nitty Gritty

396 Andrew Chapel Road, Brandon, Mississippi
396 Andrew Chapel Road, Brandon, Mississippi


When I asked 38-year-old Tamoria Harvey, a professional hair stylist for over 18 years at Hair 2000 Hair Salon in Brandon, Mississippi, how often one should wash their hair, she was quick to correct me. Here’s what Harvey had to say:

“There is no written rule to how often you should shampoo your hair. It varies from person to person depending mainly on the environment, schedule, and personal preference. Some may work around dirt or chemicals that would require the hair to be shampooed more often. Others may depend solely on their stylist.. weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Then, there are those like me who love the smell and look of freshly shampooed hair. An every other day routine that I have…

With that being said, it’s your personal preference. Just pay attention to your scalp when shampooing and don’t clog it with oils and moisturizers…the same as you wouldn’t do for your face.  Those are for your hair.”

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