Southern Laced Series Cover Reveal


Two years ago, I completed my first novel, I Dance For You. Today, I am excited to share the beautiful new book cover for its re-release along with updated edits and a new title, SOUTHERN Laced: Dance. It is the first book in the series, Southern Laced.

E-Book Release Date December 1, 2014


Meet Jessamine. A single mom following her dreams of becoming a professional dancer until fate decides to interrupt her plans by way of Jacob Reese. There was no way this exotic, brown-skinned woman could resist this beautiful man with blond hair and blue eyes that just so happened to be a successful attorney.

Attorney Reese knows that Jessamine was destined to be his from the moment she fell into his arms. He is determined to do whatever it takes to have her in his life.

Chemistry draws these two together. Lust creates an irresistible bond filled with passion. Love determines whether they will manage to stay together despite their family histories that come to light.

Will Jacob’s choices ruin his father’s secret dream of his son becoming a successful politician? Will Jessamine’s choice make her mom resent the years she’s sacrificed to make her daughter’s dreams come true?

Readers can look forward to other releases of the following installments in 2015:

  • Southern Laced: Blood (formerly Chasing Blossom)
  • Southern Laced: Love (formerly And Then There Was Isaac)
  • Southern Laced: Revelations (formerly STATELESS)

Pre-Order the e-book NOW on : SOUTHERN Laced: Dance (US) SOUTHERN Laced: Dance (UK) SOUTHERN Laced: Dance (FR) SOUTHERN Laced: Dance (DE) (Release date 12/01/14)

Order the paperback NOW on : SOUTHERN Laced: Dance (NOW Available)

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Book Cover Image Credit: Elite Images

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