2 Women… 2 Crushes… Makes One Happy Woman Crush Wednesday #1

Not too long ago, Woman Crush Wednesday (WCW) took social media by storm. From Instagram to Facebook, everyone had the opportunity to boast about their mom, sister, best friend, girl friend, fiancé, wife or favorite celebrity. There was a unique story to share with each choice.

Today, I am starting off WCW with two southern women from different states. Each revealing their own spin on what makes them unique. These inspiring women are the start of my personal campaign to spotlight successful women across the globe.

One on One with Carlie-Shay


Carlie-Shay, 21 yrs old

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

What I love about myself…
I love that I have a humble and serene spirit.

Three things I can’t live without…

Eyeliner, notebook and pen and noodles. I will always be cute, never hungry and steady working.

The song that I think describes my life now…

Chasing Pavement by Adele

One on One with Adrianne F. Manning


Adrianne F. Manning, 42 yrs old

Children’s Librarian at Richland Public Library/Belhaven University Alumni

What I love about myself is…
I’m a good listener. Also, I love my cooking skills.

Three things I can’t live without…
1. Gods Grace and Mercy
2. My Children
3. My mom and siblings

The song that I think describes my life now…

One Wing by Jordin Sparks


What questions would you like to ask these women? Send WCW story ideas to temikiastone@gmail.com.

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