Transformation Tuesday: Dreadlocks Big Chop


Corey Redd , 23
Physics, B.S.
Brandon, Mississippi

Q: What’s your favorite physical feature about yourself?

A: My smile, but my persona is my best feature.

Q: Tell us why you cut your hair.

A: My job field requires me to have short hair.

Q: How are women responding to your new look?

A: A few women say I look nice, but the others are upset because I didn’t warn them first.

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UPDATED (5/31/2016):

Currently, Corey teaches science, math and robotics. He has also partnered with Rodan + Fields, which is a billion dollar brand, the fastest growing premium skincare line in the U.S. and the two most quoted dermatologists in the world – Drs. Katy Rodan and Kathy Fields (creators of Proactiv).


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