Featured Couple Shon and Londina Hyneman Interview #12

Shon Hyneman has been married for thirteen years. He is the father of two children. He is also a speaker, an author of five books, a host of The Doctor of Love Show Podcast, and the founder of Never Again Ministries, which prepares singles for marriage. Shon is from Cleveland, Ohio. He currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

How did you meet?

I met my wife at a Church leadership meeting in June 2001.

Describe the moment you knew you belonged together.

It was the day I met her at the leadership meeting (yes, it was love at first sight). She was everything I was looking for in a woman. She was classy, quiet, loved God, and had this pretty, long hair. The way she talked and carried herself kept my attention.

What makes your relationship work?

A lot of prayer, date nights and stimulating conversation. Spending quality time together keeps our marriage working.

What’s your favorite thing about each other?

It has to be her reverence for God. I can trust her. Also, great conversation.

Tell us about your funniest moment together.

Our funniest moment together was during a Jill Scott concert and there was a woman who wore a skin-tight outfit who was in the same line we were. Since she was in front of us, she did everything she could to get the guys standing behind her attention. My wife said, “Really?” out loud. And everyone just burst out laughing.


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