Featured Couple Edward Rashad and Ty A. Patterson Interview #3


Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? Where do you live now?

I am an author raised in Kosciusko, MS but residing in Jackson, as a proud alumnus of Jackson State University. He is a recording artist, musician, and actor from Hattiesburg, MS, who just appeared in The James Brown movie as Little Richard’s drummer.

How did you meet?

I was ignoring his attempts to get me to listen to his music. He kept sending those ‘Check out my music’ messages on MySpace and then he found me on Facebook with the same mess! Lol! I was like, ‘Ok, everybody wants to be a singer or rapper and make a quick dollar…’ and I ignored him…until I found out that he had auditioned for 106 & Park in New York. I was impressed and I finally gave him the digits…I just had a bad break up and a terrible Valentine’s Day. So talking to him could at least help me ignore that Valentine’s Day was coming around again. So after months of phone calls, I asked him if he celebrated Valentine’s Day and he said not really. So in order to erase the horrible memory of my previous Valentine’s Day, I said that we should hang out that day.


Describe the moment you knew you belonged together?

Our first date was on Valentine’s Day 2010 and I promise from the moment he walked in the door with that chocolate skin, beautiful smile and the best hug ever…I melted. And with all that going on, he was charming and silly at the same time. Laughter is the key to my heart and it seems like he was unreal. We have been together ever since, and even did a Valentine’s Day photo shoot with a celebrity photographer.

What makes your relationship work?

We are both super talented, but not threatened by each other’s gifts. Instead, we are each other’s number one fan. We talk a lot and laugh constantly. There is no wondering what the other is thinking. We say it and we see all sides to every story. We encourage each other and we give each other tips on how to even be more successful. We value each other, we pray together, we help each other conquer our weakness, and we praise each other for our strengths. God comes first in both of our lives because we know we are not perfect, but God is.


What’s your favorite thing about each other?

We are literally Venus and Mars. He does all those manly things I have always wished for, and he still has class. And, he can light up a room with his smile. I am very domestic and although I don’t wear sneakers or play sports, in his eyes, I am the woman that make heads turn. We are both southern, humble silly lovebirds still working towards our own dreams and yes we have struggles, but when we step out, watch out because the power couple is coming through.


Tell us about your funniest moment together.

There are so many! But this one particular night we attended a premiere for a project he was in. We went to dinner afterward and I noticed that his hair had fallen out in one spot. Then, a few moments later I had bubble guts. Here we were dressed to kill in a tuxedo and gown…one with a jacked up head and the other needing a pamper on. He stopped at the nearest place so I could run in, which happened to be a beautiful hotel and a drunk guy saw us and said: ” I don’t know who y’all are but you look famous and I want to get y’all a room for the night”. He and I were so tickled that we started dancing crazy in the parking lot that night, dressed like movie stars.

His hair grew back and he is now an actor and musician. I no longer have bubble guts, but I am now an author and an entrepreneur. Stuff like this happens to us all the time! Lol!


Featured Couples: A collection of real love stories featuring real-life people.




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