Sink or Swim?

Do you know how to swim? When I was a child, I can remember running into my great grandparent’s pond to try to avoid a spanking. My oldest sister was charged with the responsibility of catching me. She was bigger and much quicker than I was at the time. Once caught, I knew she would happily deliver me to receive my deserved punishment.

This is the pond I almost drowned in as a child. Photo Captured by Tramaine Kelly
This is the pond I almost drowned in as a child.
Photo Captured by Tramaine Kelly

Without hesitation, I did the unthinkable. I ran into the pond knowing she wouldn’t dare follow me. My adrenaline got the best of me. A surge of energy compelled me to keep running. I wanted to make sure I was safe from her capture.

The water was icy. My clothes became heavy. The muddiness of the pond in my shoes made it harder to run. I was getting further and further into the pond. The water kept getting higher and higher. Common sense should have told me to turn around. Instead, I kept going until I lost contact with the bottom of the pond.

I was in too deep. I had taken one step too many. Just as quick as I took the last step, I was under water. Fear crept in because I couldn’t swim. My temporary safe place was determined to be the death of me as my chin struggled to stay above water.

The dirty waters began to seep into my mouth. I found it hard to breathe. My eyes were wide open as I realized that I had made a terrible mistake.

Did I sink or swim? I can remember seeing the big yellow school bus that carried my uncle to and from school every day. I can still remember him running off the bus, jumping into the pond and pulling me to safety.

Have you ever experienced a near drowning experience? If not, have you ever experienced heartache from making a terrible decision? It left you unstable and no longer grounded. It started out innocent. You had plans to follow definite rules, but found yourself breaking them one by one. You felt crushed when you didn’t get the outcome you expected. It was too late once you realized that you were in uncharted territory. You were already in too deep. No one had to tell you that you had made a terrible mistake. Your eyes were wide open. In that moment, did you sink or swim?

We all make mistakes. Some people err more often than others. My uncle was able to save me from an awful decision. Unfortunately, my punishment was still waiting on me.

Does fear cause you to make bad decisions?


Copyright © 2014 Kelly Stone – All Rights Reserved.

Excerpt from Kelly Stone: Life After My Fall from Grace – A Daily Inspirational Book.

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