Featured Couple Brian and Jeaninne Morrow Interview #4

Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? Where do you live now? My name is Jeaninne Morrow. I am from Fulton, Mississippi. My husband, Brian Morrow is from Brandon, Mississippi. We live in Brandon, Mississippi.

Infatuation: Part II

Have you ever caught your crush gazing at you? If you’re shy, I’m almost certain you turned away bashfully. If you are a bold one, you probably responded with a mischievous smile. A stolen glance is one thing, but flirting that makes you swoon takes it a step further. You start to notice small changes….

Southern Laced Love Songs Playlist

Southern Laced… Grassroots romance laced with a southern drawl. I could not imagine life without music. Love songs play a huge role in my writing. It helps me get in tune with the emotions of my characters. Because of this, I decided to share the love by composing a list of the top ten songs…

Infatuation: Part I

Have you ever experienced a relationship that stirred up feelings you never knew existed? If so, you are one of many. Whoever came to your mind was the one person that left you tingling all over. He or she ignited those cliché butterflies in your stomach without fail. You were smitten by his or her…